Inspire Charter Schools Facial Artistry

The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy (ASFA) is an approved accredited vendor through VIZIO Makeup Academy for all Inspire schools. High school students may earn up to 15 credits in this introductory level Cosmetology course while learning about the exciting world of facials!

ASFA Facial courses with the SkinCare kit can be purchased with Instructional Funds at our special discounted pricing.


To enroll, simply go to the Inspire Enrichment Ordering System (EOS). Once you have logged into the EOS, you will then select 'Product Vendor' and search for VIZIO Makeup Academy from the 'Approved Vendor' list. List the class you would like to order.

IMPORTANT: High School students, if purchasing course options from ASFA Facial Academy, a minimum of 5 credits per semester must be reflected on your master agreement (MA). Please contact your HST to have the course(s) added to your MA and request a copy of the Inspire Facial Academy course syllabus.



*Courses required to be taken in sequence and will not be sold separately.


INSPIRE PACKAGE - Includes all four facial courses at one discounted price.
Note: to ensure learning and integrity of the content, ASFA courses must be taken in sequence and will not be sold separately

• Introductory Facial Course
• Master Facial Course
• Premier Facial Course
• Ultimate Facial Course
• Special Discounted Price - 9* (MSRP 9)

PRO SIGNATURE Facial Skin Care Kit

The Facial Kit (included with course) provides students with the necessary facials needed to successfully practice the skills and complete the courses. Click on the video for more details.