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Portland Facial Courses
Portland Facial Courses

Portland Facial Courses

Portland Facial Courses is the greatest academy around

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If you have ever wanted to work as a professional skin care, cosmetic or even a hairstyling consultant, then the city of Portland, affectionately named ‘Stumptown’, might just be the place for you. Apart from the good quality of life and a natural environment, The Portland facial training courses and the many Esthetics (skin care) programs that are offered in the many beauty training schools across the county are a blessing for anyone who wants to be a professional cosmetology consultant. Offering cutting edge facial training techniques, advocating and teaching the use of proper products and ingredients for different skin conditions, these Portland facial training courses are sought after across the globe, offering higher level of education through a well mapped out course to put the students on a journey to earn their licence for success.
The most notable and popular Portland facial courses are offered by Paul Mitchell: The School, Portland, Aveda Institute, the Marinello Schools of Beauty and the Bella Institute, to name a few.

Paul Mitchell: The School

Paul Mitchell has Portland facial courses and Portland facial training in cosmetology, esthetics, facial techniques, hair styling, manicures, nail art and much more. Not only do they guide the students who enrol for their facial training about the training program, but they also map for them possible career paths in the cosmetology industry.

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute in Portland offers career opportunities in not only the salon and spa industry, but also in education, fashion and consulting industry. Apart from offering the This Portland institute also offers part time Portland facial training courses to the students juggling school and work.

Bella Institute

The Bella Institute offers competency-based education and facial training courses which allows students to progress rapidly through the program by demonstrating mastery in each area of study. With a competency based beauty school model, students there typically complete their cosmetology certification an average of 50%-60% faster than students at traditional schools. Their idea is: less time in school means the opportunity to start working and making an income faster.

Marinello Schools of Beauty

The 100-year old history of the Marinello Schools of Beauty, Portland in offering cosmetology, Esthetics, advanced facial and body treatment courses and training, and the specialty offers in their workshops make the school a very popular choice for anybody who wants to be a top-notch professional cosmetologist. The school also holds the CIDESCO diploma, which is the world’s most prestigious certificate in the skin-care industry.

Definitely being a cut above the rest, these Portland facial courses and esthetics training institutes also have their own websites which offer guidance and give an idea to the students and help them decide what they exactly want for themselves and help them settle on a school best suiting their needs. The above mentioned schools and the many others offering extensive facial and skin care training courses in the ‘Stumptown’ are the best bet for anybody looking to turn their creativity and interests into a rich, rewarding and a long career.

Portland Facial Artist Courses
Portland Facial Artist Courses