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Bridal Skin Care Treatments

Spring 2016 – Bridal skin treatments

Bridal Skin Care Treatments

With the technological age that we are currently living in, we feel as though we must always be “on”. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, not to mention the plethora of other social media sites, all revolve around pictures. Our smartphones and digital cameras are so advanced today that pictures are now taken more than ever before in history. The crazy thing is these pictures are so crystal clear that they will catch any tiny imperfection you have, hence the increased makeup sales.

For a bride on her wedding day, we of course welcome the thousands of quality pictures that will be taken. We must, however, make sure the bride’s complexion is camera ready. This process starts generally 6 months before the big day.

Begin by taking care of all those little things that you have always wanted to correct, but never seem to get around to. This can include laser hair removal which takes about 6 weeks in between treatments. 1 treatment generally will not be enough to get that bikini line ready or the moustache gone, so get your appointment ASAP. You could also have some more underlying skin care issues like acne, rosacea, or hyperpigmentation that you will want to see your facialist about. Also begin exercising, eating healthy and staying extremely hydrated.

About 1 month before the wedding, you will want to start eliminating dairy from your diet. Yes, this will be very difficult but this will help you not only look slimmer in your gown, but will drastically clear up your skin. In addition, you should begin a regular peel regime if you do not already have one. Facials are suggested once a month but if you are unable to swing that, you can complete at home peels. Find a gentle peel that works for your skin type and you will no longer have breakouts, have brighter skin and say goodbye to fine lines.

About 2 weeks before is the mark where you will want to get that last laser treatment. Especially if you are in nice weather, your skin could be at burn risk if you wait until just before the wedding for your skin care treatments. In addition, you will want to test out your spray or regular tan at this time so you don’t accidently pick the wrong shade and look like a pumpkin on your wedding day.

1 week before means crunch time and this is where you will lose a couple layers of skin (don’t worry only the dead cells). Scrub your body with an exfoliating scrub to rid the dead skin cells before your tan that way it lasts longer and looks better. Also go in for your last facial appointment for the fresh glow.

1-2 days before is when you will go in for your tan so it has a little time to set and you can correct any errors. Also use an at home brightening mask to give you a really gentle glow. Be sure you have tried this before so you do not irritate your skin.

On the actual day of your wedding moisturizer is your best friend. Keep everything hydrated, especially your hands (the ring, duh)! If you feel like splurging (which you totally should cause it’s your day) get an oxygen facial before your makeup appointment and your makeup will go on so beautifully.

Follow this schedule and you will no longer have to fear the zoom on the hundreds of phones and cameras that will be trained on you. Instead, you will confidently and beautifully enjoy your day.

Bridal Skin Care Treatments
Bridal Skin Care Treatments