Customer Service

Customer Service

ASFA Facial Academy
Telephone: +1 800 838-3779
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The beauty industry is a service industry and it’s important for professionals to understand the importance of effective customer service in order for them to maintain a good name in the market and achieve success. As a professional you expect the same services when you’re being trained and this is why getting training under The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy is a great solution. This online academy manages to provide world class customer service which enables students to get the most out for the course and get all their queries solved in an efficient manner.

Enrollment Information

There are a number of queries students might have while enrolling for an online course with The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy. In order for students to get complete satisfaction and complete guidance, The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy offers unique enrollment information which is available 24/7. A team of dedicated customer support agent is available all though the day to provide any information that students looking to enroll with The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy might have to ask. The friendly and experienced team at the academy ensures all queries are handled with utmost care and importance and they won’t leave unless you’re completely satisfied. So if you've got a query it’s time to call and get all the answers you’re looking for. The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy is known to provide world class customer service and they aim at looking into the smallest issues with importance.

Technical Support Assistant

The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy provides a number of online courses that enable professionals to learn and enhance their skills that can help them to establish a successful career in the beauty industry. Although these courses are easy to understand and simple to follow, there are times when students might have a few difficulties in understanding certain techniques and it’s important for students to have an effective technical support team that can guide them the right way and enable them to understand all the lectures in the most efficient manner. These courses are all online and students can view lessons as and when they like. This means they might need to speak with a technical support assistant at any given point in time which is why the technical support team at The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy is available at all times – 24/7.

The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy delivers some of the most efficient solutions that enable young budding professionals to learn the art of providing some the best facial treatments. The best part about this academy is that the lectures are online and thus flexible. The professionals at this academy let their students in with some of the most guarded secrets that help them enhance their skills and help them deliver better beauty solutions as compared to the others in the industry. Their streamlined solutions and effective services enable the students to enhance their skills in the best possible manner. They also help them to learn how to market their skills in the most effective manner.