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History We will go over the history of Spa Facials and the ingredients used for centuries. Brushes and Utensils You will learn the necessary brushes and utensils needed to do proper professional facials. Anatomy of the Skin This is an overview of the anatomy of the skin, skin conditions, and you will learn the understanding of various pigments of the skin using the Fitzpatrick scale. Consultation Learn how to do a proper consultation and determine the most suitable treatments for your patients. We will also provide you with a variety of maintenance programs to ensure patient retention. Demonstrations We will teach you via our high definition learning platform how to do proper professional facials using up close detailed demonstrations. Our online learning platform enables you to go back, and review at any time, unlike hands on training where you only get to try and see procedures done once. Observe demonstrations that may be paused or reversed while viewing. We have included the most advanced and sought after facials that will be priceless to your clients. Products and Ingredients On The Market Learn about the wide variety of products and ingredients on the market that are used in spas all over the world. Marketing Learn techniques that will help increase client retention and learn valuable secrets that will help you understand and or your clients at maximum capacity to elevate revenue.






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Professional Brush Set Luxurious 14 piece brush set. Includes a metallic leatherette case. Soft bristles and new silicon brushes are ideal for any facial on the market.

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Fruit Enzymes

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24K Gold Facial

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Green Tea Facial


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The Premier Online Facial Course at the Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy

There are a number of clients that suffer from various skin related problems and look for effective facial solutions that could help them deal with these conditions. You can’t perform any regular facial treatment on a skin that has a problem since this could worsen the skin problem and cause irritation. The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy provides a premier facial course that enables professionals to learn the art of providing special facial solutions using natural skin products and ingredients that can help the skin condition and improve the skin.

This online facial course is a great course for professionals and salon owners and it helps you grow and increase business. This online course focuses on helping professionals learn the art of working on skin that is damaged or has problems. A routine facial won’t work well for skin with problems and there are a number of people who suffer from various skin conditions. In order to cater to this market, The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy has introduced the online facial course that enables professionals to use natural skin products and ingredients to provide effective results to damaged skin.

Why Take Up the Course

This online facial course is an interactive facial course all completely done online, which means a professional doesn’t need to compromise on their daily routine in order to attend lessons. They won’t miss out on any lessons and they can go back and forth with the chapters they found tough. This course is valid for a year and thus students can finish it at their own pace. Apart from providing students with the basics in facial treatments, this facial course helps students learn how to deal with various skins conditions and provide effective solutions. There are a number of skin problems that are common and while most salon owners can’t provide effective solutions for these problems, students that learn from The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy can work well on their skin. There are a number of natural skin products and ingredients that the academy teaches students to use.

This ensures that clients won’t suffer from any problems or allergies. The online facial training is designed for individuals who are want to be trained and or individuals who are looking to improve their services. This online facial course manages to teach professionals various tips and tricks that can help them stand out in the market and beat the competition in effective ways. This course also covers the basics that need to be taught to fresher’s and thus can be taken up by enthusiastic professionals who are looking to establish a big name in the beauty industry.

This facial course is an ideal solution for a number of professionals who like to think outside the box and aim at providing their clients with solutions that are better than the normal industry standards. This course also comes with a certificate at the end which holds high value. Professionals trained at The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy are always given more preference.