Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy


The most important thing that a professional needs to focus on is the right usage of products. What you use on your clients skin will determine the results that you will see at the end of the facial. There are a number of products that are available and all the online courses at The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy that help you understand the products that work on the various kinds of skin conditions and types. If you’ve been wondering about how expensive these products are, there’s some good news for you. All professionals who have taken up courses and successfully completed them with the academy can apply for professional discounts on favorite cosmetics and products that will be used for various facial treatments.

The Benefits Of Taking Up A Course With The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy

We work with several companies which you can contact in order to purchase various skin care products. You can contact the following companies regarding their discount programs.

The companies we work with are:

We also work with Double Dare Skin Care Products, in order to receive their pro discount,
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The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy is a highly professional academy and all the courses that are provided here are under the guidance of experienced professionals who’ve had firsthand experience with some of the most elite clientele including celebrities. All the courses that this academy has to offer are online which means you don’t have to miss out on your daily routine just to ensure you don’t miss out on lessons. You can view the same lessons over and over again until you’ve understood it properly since this course is valid for a year.

What It Covers

The courses that The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy has to offer are unique and fresh. They are user friendly and simple to understand which makes it easy even for fresher’s to learn. The courses cover everything from the very basics to advanced facial treatment solutions. It teaches students the various tips and tricks that enable them to master the skills in the most efficient manner. This course also enables students to learn the various uses of products that wok best o deliver some of the most effective results. This course also helps students understand the various tools that are used in a facial and the equipment that is required. By taking up these courses, professionals not only learn the best facial solutions, but also avail of buying products that are used for the facials at a cheaper price with the professional discounts on favorite cosmetics and products that help them beat the competition.

The Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy is one of the best online academies that one could take to learn providing some of the most effective solutions and learning the art of facials in the best way possible. These courses come with a certificate that is valuable and proves you’ve been trained under one of the best academies and thus people trust you more. The course also covers a topic on how you can conveniently market yourself and increase footfall. There are a number of benefits that these courses come with and one of the best parts about it is the professional discount that enables you to provide the best services at lower prices.