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Chicago Facial Courses

Chicago Facial Courses
Chicago Facial Courses

Chicago Facial Courses


Chicago Facial Courses

Chicago Facial Courses are great whether you want to become the best facials expert in Chicago Facial Courses or start your own spa business in the most populous city in the American Midwest, then you might want to consider which are the top cosmetology schools that can provide you the best facial courses and training right here in Chicago Facial Courses.

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Chicago is not a windy city as the popular myth persists to describe it. Our wind is, in fact, a very refreshing lake breeze. Chicago is the third largest metropolis in US and the home of the best beauty schools in the country.

In these schools you can learn the most sought for celebrity facials from around the world. The Chicago Facial courses and training offered by the best beauty schools are available not only for current licensed estheticians and skin experts, but also aspiring estheticians and cosmetologists.

Chicago Facial Courses

Most of facial courses are designed for young people who want to become experts in facial beauty, but also to people who want to add professional facials and the knowledge of skin science to their current makeup artist skills.

Top beauty schools Chicago facial courses and training

While there are many for-profit beauty schools within the Chicago area, there are only two not-for-profit schools within 25 miles of Chicago offering cosmetology and beauty programs:

The City Colleges of Chicago – Harry S. Truman College, just outside of Chicago’s downtown region, offering a cosmetology program that meets the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation standards.
The College of DuPage, about 25 miles from Chicago’s downtown area in Glen Ellyn, providing a certificate or associate’s degree.

If a state college is not your favorite option, there are few private schools within 50 miles of Chicago that offer top facial courses programs and competitive facial courses and training.

Paul Mitchell the School is the nearest to downtown Chicago and offers esthetician and cosmetology programs including makeup and facial courses.
Pivot Point Academy, a World Leader in Beauty Education, located only 8 miles away downtown, also offers makeup and facial courses from the cosmetology or esthetician program, but students can enhance their learning with study abroad opportunities.
Empire Beauty School in Arlington Heights, about 32 miles from downtown Chicago, has an exclusive program dedicated to makeup artistry and facial courses.
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has a state-of-the-art campus of around 12,000 square feet, including a stylish clinic area and an amazing library.
Make Up First® School of Makeup Artistry, located in the heart of downtown Chicago is also the only state-certified art program for the training of makeup artists in the entire Midwest, to the art of makeup and its many categories including facial training.
Dudley Beauty College provides a variety of competitive beauty programs, which include facial courses and facial training.

Whatever you choose, you can learn about the newest and most effective ingredients, anti-aging secrets, the most wanted facials of celebrities all around US. Healthy and beautiful skin is a powerful business card for everyone. All facial courses in the best beauty schools of Chicago are taught by leading aestheticians and spa professionals with relevant experience in the industry.

Chicago Facial Courses
Chicago Facial Courses