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Multi-Masking- A New Hipster Trend

Mulitmasking Facial Courses
Mulitmasking Facial Courses

Gone are the days when you had to take out separate time slots for applying different masks to your face. We introduce to you the latest hipster trend, originating from none other than Hollywood celebrities themselves from the popular social media platform, Instagram.

Almost all new hipster trends are starting to originate from Instagram these days, no wonder everyone is going crazy over selfies! Some notable names who are not shy to take part in this latest trend are Shay Mitchell and Chrissy Teigen. You can find numerous facial mask selfies on their Instagram account, as they post regularly in support of this trend. So forget all you were taught in your facial class, this new trend is soon going to be on everyone’s mind and you’ll need to catch up to the pace.

This is a time saving and beneficial technique for all the ladies out there, who are ready to experiment to gain high benefits for their skin health. Forget all the facial courses of applying layer after layer, just apply multiple layers of masks to your face and relax. Wait! Don’t forget to take the selfie, or please do.

All jokes aside, multi-masking is a real thing, and dermatologist approved. It is a very unique technique that is highly beneficial. To put it in simple words, multi-masking combines all different facial courses in to one. It allows you to treat your oily T-zone with a mask and at the same time using hydrating products for dry areas, while treating sensitive under eye area more delicately.

According to Dr. Julie Russak from the Russak Dermatology, the skin in different areas of your face is different based on the specific zones and location of oil secreting glands. So using one mask is not sensible, because you need to treat all the different skin zones according to their needs.

So the question remains, what kind of mask to use in which zone? Don’t worry we’ve got it covered for you; just keep reading.

Multimask your way to beauty Facial Courses
Multimask your way to beauty Facial Courses

Oily T-Zone:

Your T-Zone is based on your forehead, nose and chin area, which forms a T. In this area, the oil volume is high so you can use products that contain mattifying and pore clearing clay. Salicylic acid is another great component.


This area is more sensitive, so you would not want to use any harsh product. Any light mask based on line targeting retinol and hydration properties, would work great in this area. So you can look for a reliable product accordingly.


You cannot forget about your cheeks, as they make for a great portion of your face. You want your cheeks to get a glowing younger look. For this you need nourishment and cleansing. Products that are hydrating, plumping and rich in Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid are highly useful.

So there you have it. You get a full facial class worth of benefits, in just one go. Multi-masking is a great thing, and when you look that great, you simply can’t resist taking a selfie. Regardless of your urge to be a hipster or not, you can still find great use in multi-masking trend.