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Best Fall Facial Treatments for 2015
Best Fall Facial Treatments for 2015

Wondering which are the Best Facials for Your Skin?

Looking at the list of facial treatments (together with their exotic-sounding names rivaling a tongue-twister) at your beauty center, it’s not surprising that you can take some time to decide which are the best facials which are right for your skin. Well, it shouldn’t be difficult as you only need to decide what kind of result that you’d like to have for your skin, and which facial treatment will do just that. Read on this simplified cheat sheet.

If you want a glowing and radiant-looking skin, an acid peel or microdermabrasion are the best choices. Both treatments work by exfoliating the topmost layer of the skin’s surfaces, in order for your body to start creating new and healthy skin cells as well as stimulating collagen production. Keep in mind that these treatments vary in strength so be sure that your facialist knows what they’re doing for your skin.

A pointer here; a good beauty center should prescribe you a combo of a nourishing beauty serum with sunscreen as part of their post-op care, as the skin is extremely sensitive afterwards. If they don’t, be sure to ask!

If you’re looking to fight and rejuvenate aging skin, any collagen-stimulating facial treatment is what you should opt for. Your facialist will analyze your skin thoroughly, taking note of aging signs on your skin (after all, not each of us has the exact combination of aging signs) and provide the right combo of facial treatments for your skin – that includes acid peels, retinoids, peptides and vitamin C for some collagen-boost and fading signs of aging for good.
And don’t forget, the best facials should include with a bit of pharmaceutical-grade collagen topical and other protective creams for an all-out treatment.
If your average (yet pricey) moisturizer is not as potent as they might be for some time, it’s time to get yourself a moisturizing facial. To keep it simple, any facial that contains hydrating and humectant ingredients such as honey and hyaluronic acid (that binds and locks in moisture up to 1000 its weight) sounds good for your parched skin.

Before the main process, your skin will be prepped and pampered in order to absorb these nourishing elements effectively. And after the treatment, a spa-grade of moisturizer and guidance to keep your skin nourished will be given.

Bored with marks and bumps marring your used-to-be perfect face? A purifying, pore-cleansing facial is perfect to clear up those imperfections, where the key ingredients including anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents to calm irritated skin (that marks is a sign that your skin is irritated!) as well as vitamin A (namely retinoid) to speed up some skin turnover. Trust me, all of the gunk that is clogging the pores will be purged for good.

Still confused? Short of reading this again for the third time, I highly recommend that you enroll into one of our comprehensive online facial courses. And yes, it’s online! So you don’t have to worry about time and money spent going back and forth to school as everything is by the touch of your hand.