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Pre-Oscar Skin Care Treatments

ASFA Talks Pre-Oscar Skin Care Treatments

Being a part of the beauty industry, we are all accustomed to change. Trends come and go like the seasons and no matter what new makeup, hair or fashion trends are currently taking center stage, there will always remain one constant: healthy skin.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man, women, teacher, doctor, hair stylist, lawyer, makeup artist, college student or a famous celebrity; everyone wants healthy skin. This is the only constant in an ever changing industry. Around this time of year, award season, we begin seeing new skin care regimes from our celebrities who wish to prep for all the award shows. Some of the treatments they do are a bit out of reach budget wise for the rest of us; however we will go through some simple treatments as well that all of us can do to achieve healthier skin.

Some of the more extremely priced (and absolutely fantastic) skin care treatments starlets receive for award season only take a few hours, while others can take weeks. One of the more famous treatments from Dr. Colbert is called the Triad Facial. This 30 minute laser treatment costs around $800 but will leave the skin glowing for days on end. We have seen many celebrities such as Emma Stone, Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts receive these in the past and expect to hear of them again this year.

Another common treatment we expect to see again is called the DermalQuench Oxygen Treatment. By infusing a hyaluronic serum and oxygen directly to the skin, this facial will leave anyone with the perfect complexion. We have seen stars like Anna Kendrick brag over this treatment before and with the cost being only $270, we foresee many stars opting for this vitamin rich procedure.

A new skin care treatment has just been released by Dr. Moy called the DNA facial and we expect this to be the new standard for our celebrities. This treatment was born from the plastic surgeon’s Regeneration Serum which helps cell growth and renewal, leading to tighter skin, no discoloration, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Technological advances have allowed Dr. Moy to develop a way for his serum to target the skin’s natural DNA repair process to replenish our enzymes, attack damaged cells and hydrate our skin. Something called Salicornia Herbacea extract and Rapeseed Sterols are also used in this treatment to restore skin’s natural lipid barrier resulting in a radiant complexion.

As if all this wasn’t enough, this facial includes a specially made machine that simultaneously preforms 3 skin rejuvenating actions: natural skin oxygenation, gentle exfoliation, and essential revitalizing nutrients. This DNA facial is a groundbreaking advancement in skin care and we expect to see big things from it.

Even with all these big fancy treatments out there, many celebs will be sticking with more at home treatments, and those we can definitely relate to. All types of masks this year will be big and the coveted ingredient will be Matcha. Also more personalized skin care products will be surfacing so you can choose them based on your age, exposure, and lifestyle. We have seen our foundation with added SPF protection in them but prepare to see many more cosmetics that now dual as anti-aging, spot correctors, skin lifting and firming etc. Just remember, eating right, exercising, using serums, and keeping up with everyday skin care is the key for everyone to get healthier skin.

Oscars Skincare ASFA
Oscars Skincare ASFA