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Summer is my favorite season, as I’m sure many of you would agree. But as far as summer skin care goes, we really have to be on top of our game during these sweltering months. Summer almost always equates to sweating. Sweating is great for you, don’t get me wrong! But it is not so great for your skin. Also when you sweat, your makeup runs and we all know that isn’t pretty. There are some things you can do this summer that will allow you to still look flawless while also taking care of that pretty skin of yours.

Allowing your skin the opportunity to breathe is so extremely important, especially if you are the type of person who is wearing heavy makeup every single day. If that is the case, then you need to incorporate a deep cleanse mud mask into your summer skin care regime a few times a week. This will unclog your pores of all the congestion and detoxify your skin. Follow this with a gentle moisturizer and if possible, none or very light makeup.

A perfect option for you post cleanses, and really all summer, would be tinted moisturizers. In the summertime, we can skip the heavy coverage and opt for some lightweight coverage that doubles as a healing agent to hydrate your skin. There are so many different types out there that are available for every skin type; you should have no trouble at all finding one that suits you.

In addition to using lightweight foundation, make sure you switch over your products so they are long-lasting and waterproof. Not only will this help keep everything in place and allow your skin the ability to breathe, but you will also always be ready for an adventure and won’t be held back by your makeup. (Note: I’ve been thrown into a pool before and without waterproof mascara that was not a pretty sight).

Another good way to prevent any runny makeup is by using a primer and makeup setting spray. This prevents excess oils and makeup running down your face and messing up your look. This time it takes to quickly spritz your face after application is really no price at all for a locked in look.

What I have talked to you about so far is facial summer skin care, but we cannot forget an equally important part of skin care and that is the rest of your body. This season is the time to shake off all the excess clothing and wear basically the bare minimum. But this means exposing a lot more skin than we are accustomed to. You can achieve a smooth and glowing appearance by simply scrubbing. Start exfoliating once a week or so with a body scrub in the shower. Focus on elbows, knees and heels because those are the roughest spots and follow up with a moisturizer (I like coconut oil body lotion myself). In no time at all you’ll be ready to slip into the short shorts and tanks.

Last thing I want to mention is sunscreen. I know that we all are aware that we should be using it, but we like to live dangerously and go without it majority of the time. Well please rethink this because no one wants the short term effects of sunburn (trust me the lobster look is not in right now), or the long term affects such as signs of early aging and of course, skin cancer. With one in five Americans developing skin cancer in their lifetime, please remember to grab the sunscreen every time you go out.

With that being said, everyone have a healthy and happy summer!

Summer Skin Care
Summer Skin Care